Cyndi Lauper feels ''sad'' for Miley Cyrus following her controversial performance at the MTV Video Music Awards.

The legendary Grammy Award-winning singer has expressed concern for the 'We Can't Stop' star after her salacious on-stage antics with 'Blurred Lines' hitmaker Robin Thicke at the ceremony on Sunday (25.08.13), likening the routine to a 'Girls Gone Wild' softcore porn video and branding it ''raunch'' not art.

Speaking on Australian radio show 'Brig & Lehmo', she said: ''That was girl gone wild. So sad, so sad. There she is a young 20-something trying to prove she can hang with the big boys and girls, you know ... basically simulating a 'Girls Gone Wild' video on stage and I just felt like that was so beneath her and raunchy, really raunchy. It wasn't even art.''

The 'Time After Time' hitmaker also aired her disapproval for the lyrical content of Robin's song, which she believes glorifies ''date rape''.

She added: ''She's in a song that literally says that the blurred lines allowed you to ... when a woman says no, she means yes, and that's frightful because that's date rape.''

Cyndi, 60, further pointed out that fellow performer Lady Gaga - who appeared in a revealing seashell thong bikini - exhibited tasteful artistry in her show-opening performance, but implied that Miley, 20, was simply seeking attention with her raunchy flesh-coloured latex bikini and 'twerking'.