Cybill Shepherd is keen to revive her hit TV show MOONLIGHTING as a new movie - even though she made no secret of her dislike for co-star BRUCE WILLIS.

The actress admits her feelings towards the DIE HARD star have mellowed over time, and now she's trying to talk him into revisiting the show that made them both stars 20 years ago this year (1985).

She says, "I've heard that Bruce would do it if GLENN GORDON CARON (show creator) could figure out a way to do it, but if Glenn can't figure out a way to do it, I'm probably not going to get a chance of doing it.

"I'd do it even if Bruce won't do it, but we'll just have to talk to Bruce about it. Bruce and I talk once in a while. We have a very friendly relationship these days. I think he's sexier even without hair."

28/07/2005 09:17