Actress Cybill Shepherd has been forced to explain her recent hair controversy to American fans, after receiving relentless media coverage over her frightening London appearance.

The former MOONLIGHTING star made headlines last month (SEP04), when she appeared on British morning show GM:TV and flashed her "jet-lag" hair to presenter Fiona Phillips.

But when Shepherd returned to her native America, the news followed her, and she ended up on the cover of a recent issue of STAR magazine - under the headline Hollywood Hair Disasters.

As a result, the actress decided to explain her unkempt look when she appeared on Tony Danza's chat show yesterday (21OCT04).

She said, "We flew in from Los Angeles to London the night before and I had to get up and I didn't know where I was. I fell back asleep and... I was late getting (to the TV studio).

"I wore a great big red cape to cover my hair. So I apologised to the host that I didn't have time to do my hair, and she said, 'Oh come on, it couldn't be that bad... just show us.' I said, 'You sure? Okay.'"

As Shepherd explained the incident to Danza and his audience, she also attempted to get her hair back in the state it was at the time.

And she was also proud to note the one good thing that came out of the media coverage: "I just wanna say my name was spelled right on the cover of Star and I'm delighted."

22/10/2004 09:44