Reformed pop act Culture Club have hit out at their former frontman Boy George, branding his disparaging remarks about the new line-up "rude". Band members JON MOSS, PHIL PICKETT and MIKEY CRAIG recruited new singer SAM BUTCHER to replace George earlier this year (06) to stage a comeback. But their efforts were publicly ridiculed by George who claimed, "I wanted to like it but I couldn't". An infuriated Craig tells the New York Daily News, "The only person George loves is George... He's like a nightmare ex-wife. "This guy's being rude about me all the time. I've lived with it for years and I've just had enough." Drummer Moss adds, "We've never said anything about George, because George has always been George. But this has gone too far." Earlier this week (30OCT06) George accepted a classic songwriting award at the Q Music Awards for Karma Chameleon - a song credited to all the original band members. None of the others were invited to the ceremony.