Former Culture Club singer Boy George has vowed to put his drug-taking days behind him - because he doesn't "want to die."
The star - real name George O'Dowd - has endured a long battle with drugs and has suffered numerous brushes with the law as a result.
And O'Dowd insists that he has kicked his habits for good, because he fears he will end up dead unless he stops.
He says, "I've been strung out on drugs for the past five years. But this time I'm clean for good - I don't want to die.
"I've spent five years in this chemical cloud. Getting clean at the end of 2007 was a very big thing. I was using half my brain, half my personality. Now I know it won't happen again.
"I was like an old man, I could barely walk because I was using so much, now I'm completely clean."
O'Dowd performed community service with New York's sanitation department in August 2006, after he was convicted of falsely reporting a burglary and possession of drugs.