Former Culture Club frontman Boy George is spiralling towards drug-induced self-destruction, according to two former agents.

ANDRIA LAW and JOHNSTON WALKER were sacked by George - real name GEORGE O'DOWD - last year (05) after allegedly trying in vain to help him kick cocaine.

But they are desperate to help their former friend, who was arrested at his New York City home last year after police found 13 bags of cocaine following a burglary call to the apartment.

Law says, "He's in a dark place at the moment, ignoring everyone around him and not wanting to admit the state he's in.

"We are desperately worried about him. He won't be able to cope if he's jailed."

Walker adds, "Not many drug addicts get a second chance and he's just blown his.

"He's destroying himself and we just want to help him."

O'Dowd is charged with one count of criminal possession of a controlled substance and faces up to five-and-a-half years in prison if found guilty. The case has been adjourned until 8 March (06).