Eighties pop star BOY GEORGE spends six hours a day on the internet searching for casual sex. The former Culture Club frontman is amazed by the way the world wide web has changed life for gay men - but insists he isn't hooked on the pastime. He says, "I wouldn't say I'm addicted to it, but I do spend a lot of time on the internet. Six hours on and off. I'm not this deranged internet addict. It's not my whole life. But there are lots of gay sites you can go on and meet people - I think in a way the internet was the best thing that ever happened to gay culture. It's pretty hardcore. I've made lots of friends there, not necessarily sexual. "Sometimes (it's how I meet partners). It's great to have that alternative to going to clubs. And you do meet interesting people." But George insists he takes precautions: "I think both parties take a certain risk. But if you meet someone at a club and take them home, you're also taking a risk. "And I wouldn't just say to someone on the internet, come round to my place - I'd meet them for coffee first."