Oscar winner Cuba Gooding JR is relieved a graphic rape scene in his new movie DIRTY was heavily edited, because he feared the footage would shock his Christian parents.

The JERRY MAGUIRE star knew his mother would be far from happy with his portrayal of a crooked cop in the movie, and he didn't want to upset her further by making her watch her son rape a young woman on film.

Gooding Jr was, therefore, delighted when director Chris Fisher heavily edited the graphic scene, leaving film fans to imagine the full extent of the scene.

The actor says, "I thought, 'You know, my mom has to see this movie!' That was the light version of that scene we shot.

"That was the hardest thing to shoot. This was based on actual instances that the director researched that dirty cops did.

"But when you see a movie about a rape, to watch it and to act out certain things you don't need to show a lot of stuff. So, in the final version, you see suggested things that happen, like my character removing the panties, and that's strong enough.

"As actors, we have to go through the emotions and it was a really hard shoot but it was all in the script."