Cuba Gooding, JR. has had two presidential screenings of his blockbuster Red Tails - he's watched the war movie with both Barack Obama and George H. W. Bush.
The actor plays base commander Major Emanuelle Stance in the World War II drama, about a crew of African-American servicemen fighting in the United States Army Air Force.
Gooding, Jr. insists the film has been a big hit with some very important people - he recently visited the White House to watch it with incumbent leader Obama and First Lady Michelle.
He tells Britain's The Times, "Yes (it was daunting to screen Red Tails for Obama) but it was also really cool. Because we got there in the middle of the morning and it didn't screen until seven that night. So we spent all those hours just being there. At one point we were in the room with just the President and Michelle Obama. Just drinking beer. Just talking."
Gooding, Jr. also reveals the film struck a chord with former President Bush and his wife Barbara, adding, "They were crying during the movie."