Crystal Castles almost had their Glastonbury performance cut short following the extreme behaviour of singer Alice Glass.

During their slot in the John Peel tent, Glass climbed to the top of a speaker stack after diving into the photo pit several times.

An unimpressed safety crew then pulled the plug on the Canadian band's music, leaving the singer on top of the speakers wondering what to do.

She returned to the stage and shouted: "They're shutting us off! Who's in charge?"

The crew eventually relented and the return of the music saw crowd surfers surging toward the stager for the remainder of the show, reports the NME.

However, having taken to the stage slightly later than scheduled, the band were forced to wrap up their performance in just 20 minutes.

CRYSTAL CASTLES are planning a UK tour in September and will release the single Vanished from their self-titled debut album.

30/06/2008 10:48:53