Canadian rockers Crystal Castles were threatened with legal action from a man who was left battered and bruised after he tried to grope frontwoman ALICE GLASS.
The duo was playing a show when an unnamed audience member lunged at Glass in a desperate bid to "cop a feel", according to keyboard player Ethan Kath.
The man was struck on the head by a microphone during the incident, suffering cuts to his face, and later threatened to sue the band.
But they were so outraged, Crystal Castles vowed to countersue for indecent assault - and the man dropped the case.
Kath tells British rock magazine NME, "Unfortunately, there has been violence at some of our gigs in the past. We had one guy who tried to cop a feel and got a microphone smashed against his skull so hard that he was bleeding all over the place.
"He wanted to sue us and we had to point out that we would countersue for indecent assault and he dropped it. He was one 45-year-old guy standing stock still right down at the front while everyone else was having a really good time. And then he just reached out and tried to f**k with her..."