Crystal Bowersox, the American singer-songwriter who finished runner-up on 'American Idol', has released her much anticipated major label debut album today (14th December 2010) entitled 'Farmer's Daughter', reports MTV News. The 25-year-old wrote eight of the twelve songs on the record and says she hopes her fans can handle the dark material.
The album's title track has been released as the first single, despite reservations from record label, 'Jive'. The song tackles issues such as Bowersox's tumultuous and abusive relationship with her mother and label bosses were keen to release the Kara DioGuardi/CHAD KROEGER penned 'Hold On' instead. Speaking about persuading 'Jive' to put out 'Farmer's Daughter', the songwriter said, "It wasn't necessarily a battle, win or lose, it was more of just convincing the label that putting 'Farmer's Daughter' out as the first single was the best choice, as far as representing me as an artist and a songwriter". Bowersox went on to add, "Hold On' is a great song - it's the safe choice - and I didn't want to just do the cookie-cutter, safe choice. Nothing to discredit the song".
When asked about how she feels airing her family's 'dirty laundry' in public by singing 'Famer's Daughter' on her current publicity tour, Bowersox said, " Well, it is a darker song, it's just ... bluntly and brutally honest, though. Sometimes you can't handle the truth; I'm OK with it".