British rock band Crowns launched a busking tour of the U.K. on Thursday (13Dec12) to raise money for the homeless.

The four-piece will perform free sets for donations on the streets of Glasgow in Scotland, Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham, England, and London in support of Big Issue magazine vendors.

The British magazine was launched in 1991 to offer homeless people a way to generate income and it is currently the world's most widely-circulated street publication, with publishers currently working with more than 2,000 sellers.

Crowns frontman Bill Jefferson tells Classic Rock magazine, "We really just wanted to help. It's a great opportunity to raise awareness of the good work the vendors are doing in legitimately earning an income for themselves. We're from a very small town in Cornwall (in England) but there are massive problems with homelessness there. It just goes unseen - people are sleeping in fields and hedges rather than shop doorways."