LATEST: Rock band Crowded House have confirmed reports they will reunite for a 12-month world tour later this year (07). Tour dates are still being finalised, but the band will play at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in California in April (07). The group will include singer/guitarist Neil Finn, bassist NICK SEYMOUR and touring keyboard player MARK HART. The band is currently holding auditions for a drummer to replace PAUL HESTER, who committed suicide in 2005. Finn says, "It feels right to us that the band should re-emerge at this time. We look forward to reconnecting with the audience that we established and for whom we still hold a deep respect. "We aim to make the upcoming shows and the new music every bit as vital and spirited as what has come before." A new album, TIME ON EARTH, will be released to coincide with the performances.