Hit kung-fu film Crouching Tiger, HIDDEN DRAGON is set to become a major movie franchise and a stage spectacular. Movie moguls BOB and Harvey Weinstein are currently working on a stage version of the film and are planning to turn the books that inspired the Ang Lee project, Wang Du Lu's CRANE - IRON PENTALOGY, into three prequels and a sequel. Harvey Weinstein tells industry magazine Daily Variety, "(Crouching Tiger) was one of the most successful foreign language films of all time, and there is a whole world of material in all these books that can be explored in a series of great films, much like The Lord Of The Rings trilogy." The Weinsteins plan to base their Hidden Tiger stage show on Cirque Du Soleil's stunning circus-like spectaculars. Meanwhile, the brothers hope to persuade Oscar winner Lee to return as the director of the Chinese-language franchise.