San Diego duo Crocodiles are currently recording their highly anticipated third album 'Endless Flowers' following 'Sleep Forever' which obtained positive reviews in music press. speaks to guitarist Charles Rowell who shares his thoughts on his musical upbringing and, in particular, growing up in San Diego.

"There was just something about Brandon [Welchez - band vocalist] and I; we didn't really accept the sort of culture that is in San Diego", he says on being asked how San Diego influenced him. "The dichotomy of the city is one that is pretty extreme and I think if you're a kid into punk and also a creative soul, you're gonna just seek other places - you're gonna want to rebel against your hometown".

Rowell reveals that he actually prefers the comfort of the city in which he lives now - London! "I think it's great! I prefer West London where I live in Shepherd's Bush because there's a lot of life. It's pretty mellow compared to most of London".

Previously, Crocodiles worked with James Ford (founder of Simian and producer of two UK number one albums by the Artic Monkeys and The Last Shadow Puppets) on their album 'Sleep Forever' but Rowell informs us that this next album is self-produced. "We asked him but the timing didn't work out", he says.