Angel's Mindfreak Live! performance at the Luxor Hotel came to an abrupt halt when he lost consciousness while performing an upside-down double-straitjacket escape as he was suspended in air hanging from the ceiling.

The 49-year-old was taken to the local Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center for treatment, but he was released on Saturday (11Mar17) and returned to the stage that night, when he tackled the same escape stunt again.

This time all went well, and his comeback won rave reviews from audience members.

Angel has since spoken out about the worrying incident in an interview with ABC News, admitting his memory of the stunt-gone-wrong is hazy.

"I started going up, I was told that I began my escape, and that's all I remembered until I woke up and I was literally surrounded by paramedics and people putting things in my arm," he recalled.

But Angel insists taking big risks is all part of the job.

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and for me, it's always about pushing the envelope," the defiant star explained.

Angel also made it clear Friday's shortened performance was not a publicity stunt, claiming he discharged himself from hospital against doctors' advice to rest for another day before making his stage return.