The entertainer teamed up with a group of celebrity friends, like actor Gary Oldman and DJ Steve Aoki, for Criss Angel: Trick'd Up, but it was the work he did with Paris Jackson which will amaze fans.

He told Access Hollywood Live, "He and her dad were a big fan of mine (sic)... and then she came to see me and she said after she saw me do this that no one would believe that I can actually do this... and that her dad would have stole (sic) this from me if he were alive."

Criss dedicated the TV special to Michael, adding, "I was a big fan of his and I wanted to work with him and I almost had the opportunity to work with him for his London shows... He wanted me to create magic for him and we were supposed to meet, but that never happened. I did have the honour of meeting his daughter and she loves the show."

The levitation trick Angel showed off to Paris is one he has been working on for over a decade.

"One of the things that I really really love is the levitation I did for Paris just because I've worked on it for about 16 years," he explained.

Criss Angel has a special bond with Paris Jackson, thanks to her father, the late Michael Jackson, bringing his only daughter to see the popular illusionist perform since she was young.

Meanwhile, Criss reveals he also dabbled with 18-year-old Paris' mind during their time together for his new show - and he was surprised by what he found.

"We went and took a little journey," he tells Entertainment Tonight. "I didn't know where it was gonna go and she got legitimately completely freaked out. I kind of got inside her mind, and she saw death in me. She completely lost her mind.

"I felt a presence of... like, a misanthrope... very dark. I would have preferred to have felt a feeling of light, of positivity. I felt a presence of just darkness... I would have liked it to be something else for her sake, because when somebody goes there, that means that that might transcend, or that might be how they are living to some extent."

Paris' father died in 2009 and she has battled depression throughout her teens.