Criss Angel felt ''darkness'' when working on a new mind trick with Paris Jackson.

Paris, 18, worked on a mental exercise with Criss for his upcoming TV special 'Criss Angel: Trick'd Up' but admitted it was tough for both of them.

He told Entertainment Tonight: ''I felt a presence of ... like, a misanthrope ... very dark - quite frankly, I would have preferred to have felt a feeling of light, of positivity. I felt a presence of just, you know, darkness. Just not a place that I would have ... I would have liked it to be something else for her sake because when somebody goes there, that means that that might transcend, or that might be how they are living to some extent.''

And Paris also felt darkness from Criss as when he said, ''Paris, look deep into my eyes - you're going to feel a surge of energy, what do you see?'', she gasped and answered ''death''.

However, despite the emotionally wrenching experience, Criss, 48, was hugely impressed by Paris, calling her a ''beautiful person''.

Speaking about the young star, whose late father Michael Jackson was a huge fan of his, Criss said: ''All I can say is from what I know of Paris, she is a really a beautiful person. She has an amazing heart. She has had her challenges and her own demons like we all have, and you got to consider the fact that this young lady grew up with a father that was the biggest star on the planet, period.

''Her dad was a big proponent of mine. They were big fans of the show. I never knew that. They used to watch the show religiously.''