Members of rock bands Creed, Godsmack and Rage Against The Machine have joined forces to raise cash to pack a plane full of supplies and medics and send it to Haiti.
The plane took off from an airport in Long Beach, California on Wednesday (27Jan10) and was on its way to Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince, as WENN went to press.
Also involved in the mercy mission, which raised $1 million (£625,000), were members of New Kids on the Block and rapper Eve.
Creed frontman Scott Stapp is already on the ground in Haiti and will help unload supplies when the plane lands and make sure food, water and medical equipment get to the right aid agencies.
A statement from Godsmack star Sully Erna reads, "Since I can't be there to help in person, I want to make my contribution as a fellow human being to give what I can while I'm in the fortunate situation that I am to help those that are so unfortunate in this time of tragedy."