Rockers Creed are reportedly in negotiations for a major reunion tour just days after guitarist MARK TREMONTI insisted there were no plans to reform the MY SACRIFICE band.
Rumours about a reunion were sparked by reports that Myles Kennedy, the singer of Creed offshoot Alter Bridge, was rehearsing to replace Robert Plant in a top secret 2009 Led Zeppelin tour.
But Tremonti insists any Led Zeppelin venture, including Kennedy, would not end Alter Bridge, the band he formed after the Creed split.
And he recently announced that there would be no Creed reunion, stating, "We've really stressed the point that Creed is never gonna happen again, and Alter Bridge is our band, and this is the band that takes 100 per cent of our time."
But rumours persist and now claims the former Creed bandmates are officially working on a 2009 reunion tour.
Sources claim "significant dollars" have been offered to Tremonti and singer Scott Staap to reform.
An insider tells the website, "There have been some talks, but it would be premature to comment on them at this time."
Creed split in 2004. Staap launched an unsuccessful solo career and his three bandmates formed Alter Bridge with Kennedy.