Rock trio Cream are to reunite again for a tribute to drummer Ginger Baker.
The band reformed for its induction into the Rock + Roll Hall of Fame in 1993 and again for concerts in London and New York in 2005.
And now Eric Clapton and Jack Bruce will join Baker in October (08), when he is honoured by cymbal maker Zildjian at the Royal Festival Hall in London.
And bassist Bruce says, "I know there's a good chance we may play at that event... but I don't want to overstate it and make it into something it isn't."
The bass player insists the trio is planning to "have a chat about" future reunions: "I think there might be a chance of some more (reunions). I would like to do some more... I would like another shot at it.
"But it's quite difficult for us, because it's all very separate - Ginger's living in South Africa, Eric's this megastar, and it's difficult for us to keep in communication. But as soon as we do it's wonderful."