Legendary rockers Cream are reforming for a week-long residency at London's Royal Albert Hall next year (05) - the same

venue where the band played their last gig on 26 November 1968.

The SUNSHINE OF YOUR LOVE power-trio - guitarist/singer Eric Clapton, drummer Ginger Baker and bassist JACK

BRUCE - are eager to treat fans to a series of nostalgic performances and will start rehearsals months before they take the


A source close to the band says, "Cream are getting back together for a week of shows at the Royal Albert Hall next spring


"The band plan on rehearsing early in the new year. No further plans have been made at this stage."

Cream were one of the most-respected, influential and successful bands of the 1960s.

Their brief lifespan, which lasted a little over two years, yielded the albums FRESH CREAM (1966), DISRAELI GEARS (1967),

WHEELS OF FIRE (1968) and GOODBYE (1969).

When Cream split in November 1968 Clapton and Baker went on to record one album with supergroup BLIND FAITH, before Clapton

left to pursue a successful solo career.

09/11/2004 13:29