Scottish funnyman Craig Ferguson is quitting acting so he can concentrate on his new role as a late-night TV chat show host.

The former THE DREW CAREY SHOW regular, who has starred in films like THE BIG TEASE and Saving Grace, has landed the host role of America's LATE LATE SHOW earlier this month (DEC04) after impressing CBS TV bosses in trial programmes.

And, even though he has only hosted seven shows, he is hooked.

He says, "Thirty seconds in I thought, 'This is fantastic. I really love this...' I thought, 'I want to do this, I don't wanna do the acting anymore.'

"It's kinda like showbusiness crack or when you eat those little cheesy biscuits and you can't stop."

The former stand-up comedian admits he's been keen to turn his back on acting for some time - after watching the movie Babe.

He adds, "There's a dog in that movie and it gives a very good performance. It's a sheepdog, and it's a very sensitive performance.

"I saw it and I thought, 'A dog can do this. A dog can do what I do...' I've never seen a dog host a talk show."

Ferguson will start his new stint as host of the Late Late Show on 3 January (05).

16/12/2004 09:32