Comedian Craig Ferguson will perform stand-up in front of America's leading politicians including President GEORGE W. Bush later this month (Apr08) - and he is scared stiff.
The Scottish-born talk show host - who became a naturalised American citizen earlier this year - will headline the White House Correspondents Dinner on 26 April (08).
And he admits he faces a tough job making the men and women who run the country laugh.
Ferguson says, "It's probably the most dangerous gig in show business."
And he rejects the suggestion he will have any influence over the most powerful people in America: "It's a terrible arrogance to think I could influence them. When people say, 'Oh, you could really stick it to them,' I'm like, 'Do you think (U.S. Vice President) DICk Cheney's going to hear two gags from me and say, 'You know what? I've been wrong!'"