British singer Craig David has compared himself to Beatles legend JOHN LENNON - because whenever he splashes out on expensive goods he heads straight for the studio to write another hit. The FILL ME IN hitmaker, whose London penthouse boasts an in-house cinema, personal gym, recording studio and temperature control panels in every room, feels he deserves to live in luxury, as long as he works for it. The 24-year-old says, "(My home) did cost a fortune yes, but my logic was this: Why not spoil myself? I work hard for it after all. "I look at it in much the same way as John Lennon used to, actually. "When he wanted to buy something expensive, he would simply write another song. It's like using music as currency, I suppose, and it is a bit risky. "But like John Lennon, I know I'm capable of it. "So if I do spend a lot on something, then the next day I'm back in the studio, writing a song that will pay for it."