British R+B star Craig David has spent years bringing his addiction to chocolate under control - and is now comforted by its mere presence. The WALKING AWAY singer, who battled the bulge during his teenage years when his sweet tooth caused his weight to rocket to 95 kilograms (210 pounds), now has his own gym to burn to burn off the calories when he does decide to indulge. He says, "See, if the cupboards were empty of chocolate, I'd crave it desperately. But the fact that it's there, right in front of me, brings me comfort. "I do still gorge occasionally, but that's why I've built myself a personal gym here. "I know exactly how much time I need to spend in there burning off all the calories they give me. "It's about control, at the end of the day. "Once upon a time, chocolate controlled me. Now, I control it."