R+B star Craig David has been banned from an exclusive London restaurant after he started a food fight which quickly got out of control, leaving fellow diners covered in salad, wine and fish.

The FILL ME IN singer took celebrity stylist Hannah Sandling to Chelsea eatery Eight Over Eight, but left hungry after the furious restaurant manager threw them out for pouring food and drink over each other's heads, and soiling their lavish surroundings with crab and cod.

Sandling explains, "Craig threw a crab claw in my face, so I chucked it straight back at him.

"Then I tipped the mango salad over his head, which covered his hat, so he poured a bottle of wine into my lap, which totally ruined my turquoise satin trousers. It was hilarious.

"But the other guests complained to the manager and the waiters told us to behave ourselves. But then Craig threw a huge bit of blackened cod at me and we were thrown out."

29/04/2005 14:13