Craig David ''enjoys'' hearing his songs in clubs.

The 36-year-old singer insists he isn't ''too cool for school'' and could never pretend he didn't care when he hears his music because he is so ''proud'' of his work.

Asked what he does if his music comes on in a club, he said: ''I mean, I don't go nuts but I'll enjoy it, for sure. I'm definitely not one of those guys to play it too cool for school, because I'm proud of all the music that I make.''

However, the '7 Days' hitmaker doesn't go clubbing as much as he used to because he doesn't want his energy levels to be depleted when he has a gig.

Speaking at the Global Awards, he exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''If I'm absolutely honest, when I'm on stage that's my club. I don't clubbing like I used to, because there's a finite amount of energy you have every day, and I wanna make sure that I give 110% on stage.

''Whereas I did the clubbing thing like crazy back in the day and I know how that feels.''

And Craig thinks it is ''beautiful'' seeing other people enjoying his music when he's out.

He said: ''That's the most beautiful thing, it's flattering and it's what I make music for. I want to just make people feel everything I'm creating.

''If it's just on the way to the club, or getting ready, or someone on their way to school or whatever it may be - you're slowly becoming part of people's DNA.

''I think that's amazing, but when you're in a club and it's blasting and you're seeing people actually having the time of their live, it's the best thing ever.''