Craig David used to spend lots of money on trainers - but never wear them.

The 36-year-old singer is ''thankful'' his most lavish spending habit has always been on something relatively inexpensive, but he used to buy the footwear just to be a pristine part of his collection, though he's now realised it's better to actually use the shoes.

He said: ''I've got around 100 [pairs of trainers] - but I wear them now. There's no point in them gathering dust.

''As a kid, I'd save up for trainers and really look after them. ''So when it got to the point where I could afford them, I was like a kid in a candy shop - and I'm thankful it was that instead of gold or cars...

''Before I had my house parties in Miami, the place was immaculate, I kept it all fresh but then I thought a home isn't a home until you have people in it who enjoy it - then I opened it up and TS5 happened.

''It's the same with stuff. You can hold on to things but it's better to wear them and enjoy them.''

While he owns many pairs of trainers, the 'Re-Rewind' hitmaker does have a favourite.

He told Metro newspaper: ''I worked with a guy who customises trainers on a Louis Vuitton Adidas NMD trainer.

''He cut up a new Louis Vuitton bag and deconstructed the trainer and put all back together.

''I've worn them in videos and I'm going to bring them out again.''

Craig used to be ''all about the gym'' but has cut back on his workouts now because he'd rather be focusing on his music.

He said:'' I fit going to the gym around my music.

''There was a time when I was all about the gym but I'm not training to be an athlete because I'm not an athlete.

''If I go three or four times a week that's good but it's not a disaster if I don't - I'd rather write a new song and impact possibly millions of people's lives than lose an hour I could have been in the studio.''