Craig David has lashed out at the Army Major who cheated on the British version of TV quiz show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? - because the crafty conniver didn't know who the R'n'B crooner was.

Shamed contestant Major Charles Ingram claimed he had never heard of the WHAT'S YOUR FLAVA? star when asked, "Who made the album BORN TO DO IT in 2000?"

Initially he went for British boy band A1, but changed his mind after receiving "coded coughs" from fellow contestant TECWEN WHITTOCK.

Earlier this month (APR03), both Ingram and Whittock were found guilty of cheating their way to the top prize on the globally popular show. It was revealed in London's SOUTHWARK CROWN COURT that Whittock signalled the right answers to the Major by coughing at him.

But all Craig is concerned about is the fact Ingram hadn't heard of him.

He says, "He deserved to lose on the basis he got that question wrong. I think he's been underneath a rock or something - or working on his cough routine."

24/04/2003 13:45