Cradle Of Filth rocker Dani Filth deliberately set out to offend Christians with his 'Jesus Is A C**t' T-shirt - but insists it was meant to be a joke.

The lead singer, real name Daniel Lloyd Davey, is still amazed a fan was arrested for sporting the shocking slogan and magistrates punished him with 80 hours community service.

He says, "It's offensive to Christians - that's why we did it. But it's tongue-in-cheek too.

"It was a statement to coincide with the artwork on the front, which depicts a nun masturbating.

"It was designed to incite and inflame and it did that.

"I thought the penalty for the guy who was prosecuted for wearing it was a bit stiff - 80 hours of community service. But they say God moves in mysterious ways.

"If all our fans were given 80-hour community service charges, then this country would be spotless."