Coyote Ugly star Maria Bello has compared acting to surfing - and confesses she had to work hard to succeed at both.
The actress, who took up the sport with her son Jack, seven, admits she sometimes struggles to get on a surf board - and that her young son is better than she is.
She tells the Los Angeles Times, "Within the first lesson I got up on the board, but I'm on my sixth lesson now and I don't get up all the time. On Sunday, I got up twice, but I tried it 10 times.
. "But I feel that way about acting too. I don't think you become excellent at what you do by being great at it from the very beginning. My first acting teacher said it's about chipping away at it every day.
"I feel like I still continue to do that, try to chip away at it and become more excellent at what I do, but it's never easy."