Courtney Stodden realised Doug Hutchinson was still the man for her after dating other guys.

The 19-year-old starlet split from the 54-year-old actor last November following two years of marriage, but the pair recently reconciled because the blonde beauty could see what a ''great husband'' she had.

Her mother and manager Krista Keller told Us Weekly magazine:

''It was probably hard for Doug at times, [Courtney] still working with him, knowing that she's dating other people and that type of thing. And just recently they just both really realised that they want each other, they want to be together.

''She kind of was exploring being 19 and being alone and exploring the life of a 19 year old.

''It was a legal separation, and she started dating and started going out with different guys, and then she had someone to compare Doug to. She really realised that she has a really great husband ...her first choice was her choice!''

Krista went on to praise Doug for the ''gracious'' way he handled the separation.

She added: ''Doug was so gracious and just said 'I'm going to be a man here, and I'm going to let her explore and see if this is what she wants.' ''

The reunited couple are now looking forward to renewing their wedding vows and Krista - who had to sign documents permitting the then-51-year-old star to marry her daughter because she was only 16 at the time - joked she doesn't need to give permission this time around.

She said: ''This time she doesn't need my signature!''