Courtney Stodden claims dead wrestler Chyna has contacted her from beyond the grave.

Chyna, 46, passed away from a reported accidental overdose of prescription drugs at her apartment in Redondo Beach, California in April and Courtney, 21, insists Chyna has tried to communicate with her since her death.

She tweeted: ''@ChynaJoanLaurer has communicated with me through the night sky with shooting stars on more than one occasion. Not even kidding (sic).''

Reality TV star Courtney also went on a bizarre rant where she begged people to let Michael Jackson, who died seven years ago, rest in peace.

On the anniversary of his death last week, she wrote: ''People are still so horrible to the memory of Michael Jackson. It's time to leave him alone... let Michael rest & focus on yourselves.

''I get so upset about it. Once he's celebrated, then he's attacked... celebrated again AFTER his passing... then torn down again. Enough

''The hate that is directed towards Michael is pure ignorance ... just because of 'reports' you automatically buy into it. Puuuulease (sic).''

Meanwhile, Courtney - who is expecting her first child with 56-year-old husband Doug Hutchison - revealed she hopes to call her baby Norma Jean, in memory of Marilyn Monroe, if she has a girl.

When a fan on Twitter asked ''what baby names do you and Doug have in mind?'', she replied: ''Norma Jeane if it's a girl (sic).''

And while she can't wait to have a baby, Courtney admitted she is not always enjoying pregnancy.

She tweeted: ''Pregnancy has got me cranky. Like really cranky. At least right now. Then in an hour I'll be nice. Hormones be ragin. My boobs are so sore. #TMI #pregnant (sic).''