Courtney Love's former drummer Patty Schemel fears the worst for the rocker as she struggles to cope with new reports she's responsible for her husband Kurt Cobain's death.

Ex-Hole member Schemel has been watching Love self-destruct in recent weeks, and blames the pressure of fresh allegations she plotted to kill Nirvana singer Cobain - who committed suicide ten years ago (08APR94) - on the singer's downfall.

Schemel says, "I think she's (Love) hit the bottom and she's continued digging. It scares me to hear what's going to happen next, what's going to be the next headline."

The conspiracy theory has been a popular one for the past decade, and now it's set to explode again in a new book, LOVE + DEATH.

Schemel adds, "People want to create someone to blame for what happened, and so they're pointing the finger at Courtney.

"It's just ridiculous. Kurt died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound through depression and his drug addiction.

"That makes it even sadder - to have your husband die, commit suicide and then people blame it on you. People are brutal."

Meanwhile, Love faces two impending court dates - she'll answer to drug possession charges in California on 15 April (04) and then fly to New York, where she'll stand trial on misdemeanour assault and reckless endangerment charges four days later (19APR04).

06/04/2004 02:04