Courtney Love broke down on New York shock jock Howard Stern's show again yesterday (24MAR04), insisting she's had enough of fame and wants to retire.

The raucous rocker has been a regular on Stern's radio show over the past week - phoning in and appearing live to explain her actions following a series of bizarre antics, in which she flashed late night chat show host DAVID LETTERMAN and allegedly hurled a microphone stand at a fan during a gig.

But her latest brush with Stern has fuelled speculation that Love is in need of professional help after she called in, burst into tears and said, "I wanna retire. I want to go to France and I never want to be heard from again. I just want to get my kid and go."

The rocker has temporarily lost custody of her daughter FRANCES BEAN while she fights a drug possession charge in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, Love was caught on camera on Monday night (22MAR04) when a paparazzi crew followed her on a late night shopping spree.

The eccentric star first disapproved of being followed, hissing, "I'm not Halle Berry, so why are you filming me?" but then she lightened up and just asked that the cameramen made her look "pretty".

The crew followed Love as she wandered around New York and then persuaded the owner of a newsagents to re-open his store so she could buy some magazines.

Once there, she tried to address her drug possession charge, suggesting it was ridiculous: "I had an Ambien. Is that an illicit narcotic?"

Upon leaving the store, Love stated, "And now I'm gonna go and meet my boyfriend," and went home.

25/03/2004 09:25