Courtney Love's crazy seven days continued yesterday (22MAR04) when she broke down on shock DJ Howard Stern's radio show during a chat about her daughter.

The raucous rocker initially refused to talk about 11-year-old FRANCES BEAN on Stern's show, bursting into tears at the mention of her name, stating, "That's my kid you're talking about," and then, "I want to get in the car. We're off context. You're talking about my child."

But, as she left Stern's radio show in New York, she couldn't stop talking about Frances Bean - and even revealed she is a budding Olympic horsewoman.

She told reporters, gathered outside, "She's great, she's doing really well. She's at home.

"She's got a really important horse show this weekend. She does a lot of dressage. She's very good with a horse, like Olympic level good."

In a recent interview in American magazine INTERVIEW, the proud mum boasted, "She's popular, she's one of the top three riders in LA county - her and Katherine Schwarzenegger.

"I think she kicked Katherine's a** in dressage recently."

Frances Bean, Love's daughter with tragic Nirvana rocker Kurt Cobain, has been temporarily removed from her mother's custody as the rocker fights drug possession charges.

Love's former stepfather FRANK RODRIGUEZ has reportedly taken over custody of the child.

23/03/2004 09:30