Outspoken rocker Courtney Love has lashed out at her own grandmother, novelist PAULA FOX - for criticising her lyrics.
The former Hole frontwoman admits she "didn't like" her mother's mother from the moment they first met.
Fox gave up Love's mum Linda for adoption when she was born - and the singer insists she has no time for the Slave Dancer author.
She tells Heeb magazine, "I think she's a frosty-ass b**ch, and she said in The New York Times Magazine that she didn't like the way I used language. I'm a lyricist. Call it whatever the f**k you want, but don't talk about how I use language because how I use language is my bread and butter.
"She wasn't talking about cursing, either, from the way it was written in the context, it wasn't cursing. You know what, Paula, go f**k yourself.
"On top of which, she doesn't f**king talk publicly. She wrote a memoir called Borrowed Finery and never once does she talk about who she f**ked or who she had babies with or anything else. She sort of circles her way around the major topic, which is who my mother's father is."