Courtney Love's father is planning to become the next Dan Brown with a historical non-fiction novel he boasts is "more exciting than The Da Vinci Code". Journalist and author Hank Harrison is currently involved in a bitter feud with his estranged daughter, who he claims is trying to discredit the book, GLASTONBURY AND THE GRAIL, and another he has written about her and the death of her late husband, rocker Kurt Cobain. He says, "Her overall motive is to ruin my career as she knows my work on Glastonbury and the Grail is definitive. "She knows I studied with FRANCES YATES at the Warburg Institute in London and that I am the recipient of several awards for writing. If I were to find a publisher for my work on Glastonbury and the Grail, which is far more exciting than the Da VInci I would gain credibility in regards my work on Cobain. Thus anything she says is a tissue of lies."