Troubled rocker Courtney Love was so inspired by her time in a drugs rehabilitation centre, she penned tracks for her forthcoming album whilst receiving treatment.
The former Hole frontwoman, who has long struggled with substance abuse, spent three months in a lock down clinic in 2005 for violating a drug probation order, and a further three months under house arrest.
Love put her time in recovery to good use - by writing eight songs based on her experiences in rehab for her forthcoming album Nobody's Daughter.
And she is convinced the material is better than anything she produced for her first solo LP, America's Sweetheart, in 2004.
She tells Heeb magazine, "There’s like more singles than I f**king know what to do with on this record. It’s taken from rehab. I started in rehab, writing this record in earnest.
"My last record was a complete disaster. It sucked. It was horrible. It had horrible art and half-baked songs. There’s one song on there I actually force myself to listen to, because you know, we are measured by our failures, and it was more than a failure.
"I knew it sucked when I was making it, and I continued to make it, instead of just saying, 'Stop'.”