Courtney Love regrets allowing her daughter to watch JOY DIVISION star Ian Curtis' biopic CONTROL - because the film, about a rock star who commits suicide, echoed the death of the teenager's father Kurt Cobain. Frances Bean Cobain, 15, went to see the acclaimed new film at a London cinema with Sting's daughter and returned an emotional wreck because the movie made her think about her father's 1994 suicide. Love says, "I wanted to show her that she could go out in London without a nanny or bodyguard, so they went by themselves. I wanted to get her a cake because it is the first time she has gone anywhere on her own." But the ex-Hole singer hadn't given much thought to the contents of Control - about the life of Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis, who hanged himself in 1980. Love adds, "She came back so disturbed, because I forgot what the movie was about."