Wild rocker Courtney Love was inspired to flash her breasts at comedian David Letterman last month (MAR04) by Drew Barrymore's own raunchy performance on his show in 1995.

The former Hole frontwoman stunned fans during the wacky interview by climbing onto the TV veteran host's desk, singing DANNY BOY and lifting her top to reveal her boobs.

And while she admits she took inspiration from the CHARLIE'S ANGELS star's birthday treat for Letterman, Love admits she does regret the world catching a glimpse of her assets.

The widow of Nirvana frontman KURT COBAIN says, "I was doing rock, baby! I didn't know my love handles were gonna show so much. I was thinking, 'Barrymore, Barrymore, Barrymore, I'm gonna top it!'

"He wrote in the show review later that it was their favourite show in 10 years. He got great ratings. I made him laugh, I made him cry. He said (my breasts) were nice, actually."

But Love insists her antics were not as bad as people made them out to be, explaining, "It's not exhibitionism. I'm a musician. There's a line. Am I saying I'm the antichrist? I'm not judging Marilyn Manson, he can do what he wants.

"It's like, I've always been loud, I've always been mouthy."

02/04/2004 13:19