Courtney Love was kicked out of super tough American boarding school SUMMERHILL - because she didn't want to learn.

The raucous Mono rocker believes she's the first person ever to get expelled from the strict girls school.

She says, "They said, 'Don't go to class if you don't want to.' So I didn't. I just stayed in my room and I wrote."

Love claims her troubled teenage years, in which she skipped from borstal to borstal with behavioural problems, helped turn her into a great actress.

She explains, "I'm really good at being there on time. I'm really good at their structure. Because I was in, like, the Army, in juvenile hall.

"I ran away, and you can't get someone for running away, so I broke a pencil in front of a judge, and I got criminal mischief for a year as a juvenile, and then I hung out. I liked it."

19/03/2004 19:29