Rocker Courtney Love has launched a scathing attack on her bank manager, branding her a "cheating lying thief". Love claims around $20 million (GBP10 million) has disappeared from her account in the last four years, and also holds her bank manager accountable for her sister-in-law, Kim Cobain, having her house repossessed. The case is currently being investigated by the FBI. Love wrote on her blog on Thursday (13Dec07), "Man do I have a cheating lying thief of a banker. All I'll say is she knew these accounts in 2003 were forged and she went along with 4 refinances in one day of Kim Cobains wich (sic) ended up with them taking her home from her while she did what? Got bigger, fatter greddier (sic) more rapacious?...Bitch. "I don't think a day a week devoted to the maintenance of my income and my daughter's is too much to ask - its a moneypit to keep paying forensics. (It) makes me truly sick, one thinks 'oh a banker won't steal from me' - think a bloody gain".