Rocker Courtney Love has publicly slammed Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan over his alleged refusal to attend her daughter's forthcoming birthday party.
Love unleashed a bitter tirade at the musician on a social forum website, accusing him of making her daughter Frances Bean cry after choosing not to attend her 'Sweet 16' celebrations next month (Aug08).
Corgan reportedly grew close to the teen when he moved into Love's Los Angeles home in 2006 in a bid to help relaunch her music career.
But Love is adamant the rocker won't have any more communications with Frances - the daughter of late Nirvana icon Kurt Cobain - and has branded Corgan's behaviour "unacceptable".
She writes in the blog, "A sweet sixteen is a big event and I think she looked upon you as family. I know she did, as a trustworthy and wise (child), and you can't lay your shit on a child of nine, and you as a man of 40 - my child sobbing, due to you, is unacceptable. I hate stating this on some random public forum, but the line is the kid, man."
Love also claims My Chemical Romance will be playing at the party, with frontman Gerard Way even urging a bandmate to cancel his honeymoon so they can attend.
She adds, ""Gearrd Way (sic), who would do it in five seconds and has even asked and begged for his bandmate to cancel out on the honeymoon of his (coinciding with the sweet sixteen) so he can do it, made sure to promise to be there."