LATEST: The mother of troubled rocker Courtney Love has sent her daughter a copy of her explosive memoir, charting the former HOLE star's difficult childhood.

The singer, who has previously denounced the publication through her manager as "scurrilous falsehoods", is reportedly furious that 62-year-old LINDA CARROLL has gone ahead with the release.

The new tell-all, called HER MOTHER'S DAUGHTER, claims, among other things, that Love started taking drugs at the age of four and was exposed to pornography before she hit her teens.

But despite the shocking revelations, Carroll hopes the book will bring an end to family animosities, despite admitting she is a little nervous of Love's reaction.

She tells the New York Daily News, "I haven't heard whether she's read it. I would hope she will, and see it as a really loving description of her and of her mother.

"She's got a classic artist's temperament, though, and I never know how she's going to respond to anything."