Controversial rocker Courtney Love hopes US President George W Bush will be voted out of office in next Tuesday's (02NOV04) election.

The former Hole frontwoman, who was yesterday (27OCT04) ordered to stand trial on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon for an alleged incident at the home of her ex-boyfriend JIM BARBER, is a passionate Democrat and has no doubt who she will vote for - John Kerry.

She explains, "There's no other choice and I and many other Americans had fun under (BILL) CLINTON and no fun under Bush."

But in an ideal world Love would like herself to be elected US President or, failing that, one of her friends.

She says, "I just got a 'Paris Hilton for President' T-shirt. She's my friend and I know she'd wear one with my name.

"Or Tina Fey from Saturday Night Live. She's just really responsible and she gets the joke."

28/10/2004 17:35