Rocker Courtney Love fears she'll never be able to properly lay her late husband Kurt Cobain to rest because fans will turn his final resting place into a spectacle.

The tragic NIRVANA star's ashes are in a bank vault and Love thinks it's time to put them somewhere special, so Cobain's fans can pay their respects - but she can't find anyone who'll taken on the responsibility of being the guardian of the remains.

She tells US rock magazine Spin, "No one will take Kurt's ashes because they don't want the crowds... I don't want Kurt's ashes in a bank vault somewhere. I want to be able to say, 'I've laid you out somewhere, and people can come.'

"I was up in Seattle, Washington recently and drove by our old house on Lake Washington Boulevard. It's crazy. It looks like Pere-Lachaise (Paris cemetery resting place of Jim Morrison)... Syringes, bottles, tree carvings. That's what kids do."