Rocker Courtney Love is no longer held back by trying to conform to her idea of bodily perfection, and is now set on celebrating her flaws to inspire others. The former Hole star, who has endured a well-publicised battle with drugs, is relieved she no longer feels like a "caged lion". Writing on her website, Love says, "The addiction to the idea of 'perfection' has infested my life in the past and I'm over it. "It's never, thank God, infected my music but it has affected my outward appearance and self-esteem. "I seriously feel like a caged lion who has been in her cage way too long. But I need to clean up this old reputation and these guys all love the record but I need them to see I'm not off the rails anymore. "I'm really determined to be a source of strength and inspiration to anyone who's really been to the bottom of hell and lived to tell and come back again, as an integrated whole person who celebrates my own flaws and is non-judgmental of others' wounds or craziness."